When you think of the term black box, the first thoughts that come to mind are probably of car insurance or devices that record the details of plane travel. When it comes to our artisan donuts and baked goods, that’s more than a little relevant.

We go by Black Box Donuts because we can assure you that you’ll love the taste sensations of everything that comes out of our bakery!

We’re based right at the bottom of The Mournes, one of the most visually stunning and impressive landscapes in all of Northern Ireland. In this quiet, rural area, we’ve spent plenty of time perfecting our recipes, to make sure they’re as delicious and satisfying as possible!

With every bite of a Black Box Donut, you’ll be flying higher than the peak of Slieve Donard (the highest peaked mountain in Northern Ireland!)

To produce our time-perfected recipes and concepts for culinary creations, we work from a modern, fully-equipped, state-of-the-art bakery. From our premium ovens and fryers to our spotless production lines and proofing boxes, everything in our
bakery is of the highest quality.

We believe that talent and ideas can get you far, but at a certain point, a baker is only as good as their tools. That’s why we spared no expense putting together our bakery.