What says luxurious dessert catering at an event like a donut pyramid? Go on, we can wait…

We offer a full-sized, triple-tier pyramid, loaded with a plethora of our tastiest products, including a variety of stunning donuts, brownies, tarts, and other delicious treats perfect for making your event one to remember for your guests. How better to complete a day or night of fun and entertainment than with a selection of some
of the finest sweet goods that the UK has to offer?

Throughout our lives, there are countless special occasions to celebrate with good company, great conversation and most importantly, great food. While haughty hors d’oeuvres, stingy starters and meticulous main courses are all an important part of weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, it’s important to let your guests satisfy their sweet tooth.

There’s no better way to do so than with our selection of baked goods and donuts for events, gorgeously arranged in our pyramid display!

Your big day needs to be perfect, from the music to the decor. That’s why we allow you to choose your colours to specifically suit the aesthetic theme of the event that you’re hosting!

With our donut pyramids, you’re getting more than just some sweet snacks, you’re adding a stunning element to the scenery!